Offering Convenient Heat Pumps Installation, Repair and Replacement Services

Want to reduce your carbon footprint while maintaining comfort?  The team of Aviator Heating & Cooling is ready to help. We recommend switching to a heat pump as a solution for eco-friendly indoor temperature control.

To heat and cool your home, heat pumps absorb and transfer thermal energy from the air to a compressor without burning fuel or installing ducts. If your heat pump experiences any malfunctions from natural wear and tear, our skilled HVAC technicians are ready to provide quick repairs or replacements.

Don’t let the weather extremes make you feel like a snowman or a melted puddle. Contact us for reliable service and we’ll ensure your home is as cozy as a hot chocolate or as refreshing as iced tea.

Why you should consider installing heat pumps to your home in Hillsboro,OR?

Heat pumps are a highly energy-efficient way to heat and cool your home. In contrast to traditional heating and cooling systems, heat pumps move heat from one place to another. This means that they require less energy to operate, leading to lower energy bills.

Heat pumps also offer improved indoor air quality, as they don’t produce the pollutants or fumes that other heating systems can. You can reduce the incidence of respiratory problems and allergies in your home by doing this.

Heat pumps are not only energy-efficient, but also environmentally friendly. A great choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint, they emit significantly fewer greenhouse gases than conventional heating and cooling systems.

Finally, heat pumps are versatile and can be used in various climates. They can both heat and cool your home, and can also provide hot water for your home. This means that you can have a single, integrated system for all of your heating and cooling needs, rather than having separate systems for each.

When do you need to consider heat pump repair and replacement services?

Suppose you’re experiencing any of these issues. A professional HVAC technician can determine whether your heat pump needs to be repaired or replaced for you. You should consider heat pump repair or replacement services when:

  1. Your heat pump is not producing heat or cooling effectively.
  2. The cost of your energy has significantly increased.
  3. The heat pump in your home is over ten years old.
  4. It is necessary to repair your heat pump frequently.
  5. Your home is consistently too hot or too cold despite the heat pump running.
  6. Strange noises or unpleasant odors are coming from your heat pump.
  7. The motor of your heat pump may be running, but the blower isn’t pushing air

Book our professional heat pumps services to meet your needs

At Aviator Heating & Cooling, we are proud to offer professional heat pump services to homeowners and businesses in Hillsboro. Our team of certified HVAC technicians is highly skilled and experienced in repairing, maintaining, and installing heat pumps. The reliability and efficiency of your heating and cooling system is essential to your comfort and well-being, which is why we are committed to providing the best service possible. Contact us for custom heat pumps services.

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