$50/$500 New Customer Referral Program

Customer referrals have always been an important part of maintaining and growing our business. As a way of showing our appreciation, we’d like to give something in return for your confidence and ongoing loyalty.

$50 OFF Any Service or Repair

Upon completion of each service call or installation, we give our customers small stack of New Customer Gift Cards. If the card is used for service or maintenance, the new customer will receive $50 OFF their first invoice.

$500 Off New System Installation

If the referral card is used for a new system installation, the new customer receives $500 OFF their purchase — and the customer making the referral will receive $50 OFF any future service, repair, maintenance agreement or equipment purchase.

Make a Referral on Our Web Site

If you don’t happen to have a Gift Card on hand, don’t worry. Current customers can make their referral on our web site and receive the same $50/$500 benefits.

It’s our way of saying:“Thank You for Your Business”.

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