Keep Your House Ventilated Without Wasting Energy In Hillsboro,OR

Making your home as energy-efficient as possible has many benefits, including lowering energy bills. Energy-efficient homes don’t let hot or cold air out of your home, but they also don’t let any pollutants out of your home that are harmful to you.

Just opening the window won’t do you any good.  You will need heat and energy recovery ventilators.  These systems keep your home’s ventilation running without affecting your heating, cooling, or home. We at Aviator Heating and Cooling offer comprehensive heat and energy recovery ventilators services

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What are HRV and ERV systems?

Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators are state-of-the-art devices for whole-house ventilation.  These systems have heat exchangers that transfer heat into the air stream.  This means you can still bring fresh air into your home with these devices while cooling or heating a space.  This will prevent you from wasting energy.

For example, if the air in your home feels hot on a hot day, you open a door or window, but you never risk heating your property.  And Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators can help you in this task.  These systems bring fresh air into your home and heat-cool the air slightly in a sophisticated process.  It increases your comfort as well as air quality at home.

How does the Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators system work?

You can use the Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators to continuously remove moist, stale air from your home and replace it with fresh, filtered air by using the whole house as a heat recovery ventilation system.  The heat exchanger of the heating unit recovers up to 90% of exhaust air and heats the incoming fresh air.  As a result, you will enjoy fresh air and a comfortable environment.

Which one should you use, HRV or ERV?

After determining whether your home needs better ventilation, you will select a Heat and Energy Recovery ventilator.

The main difference between the systems is that ERV systems transfer moisture during the heat exchange process and will help remove moisture from your home.  HRV system, on the other hand, does not share moisture, which is effective in cold climates.

Many homeowners choose HRV units because of the cold temperatures we experience in Hillsboro.  It may be wrong for you, though.  Instead, call Aviator Heating & Cooling, and  Our experts will help you decide which unit is best for your home.

Professionals heat and energy recovery ventilators in Hillsboro,OR

You have to choose the right company for your Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators Systems.  At Aviator Heating & Cooling, we understand how these units work.  You can expect us to provide the most professional services at the most reasonable price. Our experts will help you select and install the suitable unit for your home or office.  When you hire us, we guarantee your satisfaction. To schedule an appointment, call us at 503-770-4822.

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