7 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Furnace

As you prepare your home for the cold months, you must make sure that your furnace is in good condition so you stay warm. The furnace can give different warning signs that indicate something is wrong and you need an upgrade. Below are seven warning signs that you need a furnace replacement.

#1 Not Noticeably Heating the Home.

Some homeowners are ok dealing with the year-to-year repairs. Sometimes they try to ignore the strange sounds coming from the furnace. But, when the furnace cannot heat the home, most homeowners are ready to do something about it.

A failing furnace may be unable to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. Before it gets to that point, a warning sign is that the home has uneven heating from room to room.

#2 The Burner Flame is Yellow Instead of Blue.

The yellow light on a furnace is a sign of underlying problems. The most common problem is air starvation.  The furnace produces carbon monoxide. The burner flame should always be blue. If the flame turns yellow, this signifies incomplete combustion, which may mean your furnace is leaking gas or producing carbon monoxide. You can’t see, taste, or smell carbon monoxide, but it is deadly in high concentrations.

#3 The Furnace is Constantly Being Worked On.

Furnaces last 15-20 years before extensive repairs must be made to keep them in safe operating conditions and pass inspection.  In certain lucky instances, they can last longer; however, a good rule of thumb is that once a furnace gets to be that old, it is nearing the end of its life.

The age of the unit is not the sole indicator for replacing a furnace. Nevertheless, if it is not operating safely or needs extensive repairs, the best solution is to replace it with a new one.

#4 Your Electric Bills Have Skyrocketed During the Last Couple of Years.

Your heater may be on its way out if you notice an increase in your heating bill. There are several reasons why the heating system is drawing a lot more current and costing you so much.

Ignoring annual maintenance can build up problems with the furnace. The heat will leak from air ducts that aren’t properly sealed and dramatically add to operating expenses, costing you more to run.

A continual increase in billing is potential because the furnace is getting old, and an internal fault hinders its performance.

#5 Heater Unevenly Heating Your Home.

If some rooms are cooler than others, this may be due to an old furnace. Some systems need help evenly distributing heat as they get older. Uneven heat in your home is more than likely caused by one or more of three factors: poor airflow in your heating system and failure, inadequate insulation, or air restrictions in your home.

#6 You Sense a Gas Smell.

Immediately turn off your furnace and the gas valve inside if you smell gas. Keep the lights off, don’t light any flames, and call an HVAC professional immediately. This is a deadly and dangerous emergency if you can smell natural gas or propane from across the room or in a different room. Your household could have a gas leak. Evacuate all people and pets, then call for quick furnace repair services.

A gas leak could be from a fractured heat containment system called the heat exchanger. Carbon dioxide, carbon, nitrogen oxide, and carbon monoxide could pollute the air in your residence.

#7 Thermostat Will Not Satisfy with its Scheduled Set Point.

The furnace’s job is to satisfy your thermostat setpoint. When it stops doing so, and your rooms are too hot or too cold, and you need to adjust the thermostat constantly, your system could be failing. The heater may no longer be distributing heat as it was designed to.

Contact Aviator Heating and Cooling for Furnace Replacement.

A working furnace is necessary to enjoy the cold winter season. A good furnace can keep your living space comfortable and livable throughout the winter months. However, like any other appliance in your home, you might face a failing heating unit that needs to be replaced by a professional HVAC company. Inspect your furnace for the seven signs listed above to aid you in knowing when the right time for a furnace replacement is. Keep in mind that furnace-related problems can lead to poor health problems from carbon monoxide, mold, and other air pollutants.

We’re open 24/7 to provide emergency furnace repair and to determine whether replacing your furnace is the better (and safer) option. Our emergency service line can help you; call 503-770-4822